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The Amethyst adjustable LED downlight range is avilable with a wide range of acessories; ideal for office, retail and hospitality lighting.
•       Various dimming controls and emergency options are available
•       3000k | 4000k
•       Four reflector options: 25° multi-faceted, 40° multi-faceted and specular, 50° multi-faceted and 60° Satin etched aluminium and with a range of bezels
•        Tridonic or Philips module and driver
•        Mymesh Ready




Product Code Lumen Output CCT Wattage Efficacy
AME TR LED10 1055 840 8W 131.3lm/w
AME TR LED18 1787 840 13.8W 131.31lm/w
AME TR LED24 2442 840 19.2W 127.2lm/w
AME TR LED32 3252 840 27.8W 116.9lm/w






Product Code Lumen Output CCT Wattage Efficacy
AME PH LED7 669 940 6.2W 107.9lm/w
AME PH LED12 1227 940 11.5W 106.7lm/w
AME PH LED19 1915 940 18.1W 105.6lm/w
AME PH LED26 2587 940 26.9W 96.3lm/w
AME PH LED35 3487 940 32.1W 108.6lm/w
AME PH LED49 4939 940 48W 102.8lm/w
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