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Cosmo is a high-quality, flexible, IP-rated LED tape with 3M adhesive, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for office, retail and hospitality lighting applications.  
•        Suitable for use with or without aluminium profile
•        2500k | 3000k | 4000k | 6500k
•        Mymesh Ready
Product Code Lumen Output CCT Wattage Efficacy
COS 6 2.5K 450 2500 4.23W 106.4lm/w
COS 6 3K 450 3000 4.23W 106.4lm/w
COS 6 4K 510 4000 4.23W 106.4lm/w
COS 6 6.5K 510 4000 4.23W 106.4lm/w



*Note: Specification data is for 1m of tape

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