The Epsilon recessed modular luminaire is powered by Tridonic module and driver. It is available with in a solo and duo format and can be made into a bespoke lighting system. The Epsilon has a long life span of up to 72,000hrs and efficacies up to 133.5lm/w. The Epsilon is an ideal solution for office and education and healthcare sectors giving low glare and having an ingress protection of IP44.




Product Code Lumen Output CCT Wattage Efficacy
EPS 1 LED11 1190 840 12.2W 97.5lm/w
EPS 1 LED14 1439 840 14.6W 98.6lm/w
EPS 1 LED18 1898 840 15.4W 123.2lm/w
EPS 1 LED21 2138 840 19.3W 110.8lm/w
EPS 1 LED23 2397 840 22.1W 108.5lm/w




Product Code Lumen Output CCT Wattage Efficacy
EPS 2 LED27 2732 840 20.5W 133.5lm/w
EPS 2 LED33 3349 840 25.2W 133lm/w
EPS 2 LED39 3906 840 29.8W 131.2lm/w
EPS 2 LED45 4509 840 35.1W 128.6lm/w
EPS 2 LED51 5161 840 40.1W 128.7lm/w