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The Nova LED downlight is powered by Tridonic DLE module and driver. Available with three reflectors; 40° specular, 50° multi-faceted and 60° Satin etched as well as a wide range of bezels. The Nova can come complete with various dimming controls, emergency and colour temperatures.




Product Code Lumen Output CCT Wattage Efficacy
NOV TR LED10 1052 840 9.9W 106.5lm/w
NOV TR LED18 1858 840 18.2W 102.1lm/w
NOV TR LED28 2820 840 26.4W 107lm/w
NOV TR LEDTW 1740 827-865 17.7W 98.6lm/w






Product Code Lumen Output CCT Wattage Efficacy
NOV PH LED11 1090 840 9.7W 112lm/w
NOV PH LED19 1889 840 17.4W 108.4lm/w
NOV PH LED29 2902 840 30.5W 95.3lm/w
NOV PH LED45 4532 840 46.6W 97lm/w
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