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LED Retrofit V New LED Fittings

Converting your existing lighting to LED, an LED retrofit, is a win-win on many levels. We advocate this when conditions are right; in fact, we've become known as the 'retrofit team' for many of our customers - taking projects on that others won't.

Updating the tech to improve light quality and energy performance, as evidenced in some of our latest projects, such as Westfield light stacks (pictured below) and Mercury Mall recessed concourse lighting and loading bay car park ramp lighting, where we designed custom retrofit gear trays, means that you gain all of the benefits of LED (efficiency and long-life performance) at a reduced investment cost.

Of course, there are some pros and cons, and on occasions, it isn't the best option (your well-informed team will advise you of this before the onset of any project).

Let's take a look.

The benefits of opting for a new luminaire are in some ways obvious; for one, it is shiny and brand new. But some of the other things that may not have crossed your mind are:

  • Readily available photometric data

  • Faster delivery (not always true, but it's a rumour we have heard)

  • A warranty for the complete luminaire

But at what cost?

Typically, you will be looking at higher initial investment costs, especially for decorative and heritage fittings. But often overlooked is the increase in carbon footprint and the environmental impact. New luminaires use virgin materials, putting more burden on the Earth's natural resources.

On the other hand, an LED retrofit is about getting the most out of what you have. If your luminaire housing/body is still in good condition, why waste it? This also goes a long way to contributing to the circular economy, reusing, and recycling resources rather than depleting our already strained supplies.

An LED retrofit is a great way to save on cost while retaining your desired look and feel (especially in those hard-to-replicate heritage applications).

We have also been told it is harder to do lighting designs using retrofit gear trays until they are built and photometered – but who's afraid of a little hard work – not us!

Understanding the lit effect of a retrofit is a challenge and a lack of photometric data can cause concern, but having completed many retrofit projects we have the experience and tools to allow us to accurately model the performance of a refitted luminaire, we also have the option of building a sample for client approval.

Where this gets a little sticky is warranties. The CE regulations now state that unless a gear tray has been tested in each product it is intended for use, it no longer complies, leaving warranties invalid.

The eos way is to do it right, to ease your concerns:

  • We only use components from reputable manufacturers; such as Tridonic, Philips and Osram;

  • All our products go through a rigorous testing regime to ensure they meet the required British Standards;

  • We offer a comprehensive and complementary lighting design service to ensure your scheme meets all current lighting standards and guidance;

  • We can provide lighting performance photometry;

  • All our work carries a minimum of a 5-year warranty.

Interested in retrofitting LED into an existing luminaire? Then contact the 'retrofit team' today!


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