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PROJECT WIN: Capital Space Kings Hill

We are delighted to share that we have been awarded the contract to upgrade the car park lighting at Capital Space’s Kings Hill site.

Capital Space provides the best, purpose-built, flexible, and affordable property solutions across several locations in Southeast England.

Its offices, studios and workshops are available in various sizes to accommodate the changing needs of growing businesses. Its customers represent a diverse cross-section of sectors that share the same values of entrepreneurship, innovation, and collaboration.

The car park lighting project aims to improve the lit environment, customer experience and energy efficiency at the West Malling site in Kent.

We will replace the 26 current 250W High-Pressure Sodium DW400s with 103W Eclatec Tweet Neo.

The installation will bring the car park back to compliant lighting levels for customer comfort and security.

Partner Lee Barham, eos, comments, “As Capital Space tenants ourselves, we were ideally placed to work closely with the customer, understand the needs of their business centres and provide the perfect solution for their broad needs.”

As well as substantial energy savings, we expect to deliver an ROI of 1.65 years.

Stay tuned for the full case study.


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