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eos light Kent's last pier

Dubbed one of the best places to live in the UK, Deal is home to the last remaining fully intact leisure piers in Kent.

In 2018, the 60th anniversary of its official opening, the pier underwent restoration at the cost of £500,000; in addition to installing more than 300 metres (980 ft) of the gas mains supply, refurbishment works included resurfacing, replacement and repainting of railings and an upgrade to the drainage system.

We are pleased to have started work on a lighting upgrade project along the famous pier.

Partner Brian Glynn, eos explains, "We are replacing the existing post-top lanterns with customised versions of our Link luminaire, which will be mounted on 3rd party bespoke Stainless-Steel columns. Link adds an architectural design signature to the area while providing the right amount of light for pedestrians to feel safe walking along the pier at night. The addition of our Eclatec Xeon camera housing keeps the job uniform along the waterfront.

We are also supplying the lighting around the café at the end of the pier with our TUBE 70 luminaire, which will provide RGBW colour change options, helping to create some dramatic scenes for nighttime visitors."

Stay tuned for a full case study once complete.


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