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Why we're jumping on the bandwagon

Recently Made in Britain has seen a rise in membership, and we are proud to say we too have jumped on board. Made in Britain is an initiative that supports and promotes British manufacturing, enabling buyers to identify British-made products quickly.

Why join?

We have seen a resurgence in interest and demand for British products, and now, in our post-pandemic world, people have become even more inclined to buy local:

  • A recent survey by Made in Britain showed that 90% of consumers believe it's important to buy British*

  • And that two-thirds of us are more likely to buy more British goods post-Covid to support the economy than we were before the pandemic*

The coronavirus health crisis was cited as a major influence on purchasing habits. However, Brexit was another significant factor, with 29 per cent of respondents saying their shift to "Buying British" began after the Brexit referendum in June 2016.

Lee Barham eos Director & Co-founder says:

"We will wear our Made in Britain mark with pride. The union jack on a brand or product is synonymous with high quality and standards, which we stand for. We are proud to manufacture eos luminaires right here in Britain, within our two UK factories. Investing in our country and helping the UK job market. We believe in raising standards and delivering quality lighting and quality of life, a responsibility which extends beyond our customers to our supply chain."

The eos way means we have total control over every stage of the manufacturing process and can guarantee our products' quality and consistency. When it comes to our imported products and European partners, such as our sole UK distribution agreement with French megabrand - Eclatec, we are stringent about ethical

sourcing, ensuring transparency, and a deep understanding of where we operate.

More about Made in Britain

Made in Britain is a fast-growing community of like-minded manufacturers from all around the UK. By applying the Made in Britain collective mark to product, packaging, or website, businesses make it clear to buyers and consumers that they are making right here to the very highest standards.


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